Are you using data when you’re not at home?

You’ve checked your usage, and you’ve suddenly used a heap of data when you’re fast asleep and even when you’re not at home! What’s going on you may ask? Who’s using my internet? Something must be wrong!

With just about everything connected to the internet these days, we are using more and more data 24 hours a day. If it’s connected, it’s using data constantly.

We’ve put together a few common reasons why we’re constantly using data:


Every device you have needs to update, and every app you have needs to update too. If you have auto-update switched on, your device will run the update as soon as it’s available. These updates can chew up a heap of data while you’re snoozing away.

Keep in mind that every device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, phone, video game console and even smart TV’s, need to update.


Most households have Foxtel, Fetch TV or a digital TV setup that requires an internet connection. These services are always using data to find new shows that fit your profile or to record items. Your favourite TV show is on and you’ve decided to record it because you are out to dinner – this will use data in much the same way as if you are home on the couch watching it.

Home Security Systems

If you have security cameras at your home they will most likely be recording footage, and most modern systems will utilise a cloud based storage system. This means they will be sending and receiving data for each piece of footage recorded.

Cloud Storage and Sync

If you have an auto sync setup for your photos or music, you’re going to use data each time you take a photo or download a song, even when you’re out and about.

Modern cloud based storage and sync setups will send your photo or song to your online based cloud storage, and then send it back to your main device (usually a laptop or computer). This process can also be used as a backup for your phone or tablet, so each time it backups, you’re going to be sending and downloading a heap of data.

Video Game Consoles

Most games these days require a connection to the internet, so even a quick half an hour zooming around in your favourite race car or discovering magical worlds will sap your data – even when playing offline.

And just like updates for your computer, modern gaming consoles require updates and software fixes in order to play some games or for other functions – your PS4 or XBox are no longer just for video games! This can happen even when you’re console is on standby mode, depending on your settings.

Background Data Traffic

If you have devices connected to the internet, no matter what they are, they will always use differing amounts of data for a range of purposes. Lights, fridges, televisions, bluray players and even our heating and air-conditioning systems can be connected these days.

WiFi Security

Finally, ensure your wifi or home network passwords are updated regularly to stop unwanted users from accessing your network. None of us like paying for someone else to enjoy our data!

To stay on top of your data usage when you’re not around, be sure to check each device’s settings. Features such as auto-updates can be turned off or changed to update at a certain time or day. And remember to switch them off when you’re not using them to minimise their data usage.

Go unlimited!