Our carrier grade Telephony services are delivered to residents by our private network, and provide customers with increased flexibility and cost benefits over many other carriers.

Telephone Prices – Effective as at 1st of May 2012.

Line Rental
Full Service Telephone Line $17.95 Per Month, plus calls.
Additional Full Service Telephone Lines $11.95 Per Month, plus calls.
Alarm Only Telephone Line $9.90 Per Month, plus calls.
Call Rates
Type Connection Per Minute Details
Resort $0.11 Fixed Rate
Local $0.15 Fixed Rate
National Call to Fixed Line $0.55 Fixed Rate
Calls to Mobile $0.22 $0.22 Calculated per second
13 / 1300 Numbers $0.25 Fixed Rate
Sensis Services 12445 $2.10 $0.16 Calculated per second
Directory Service 1223 $0.55 Fixed Rate
1900 Information Services Variable Variable Charged at cost

Things you need to know

1 The Critical Information Summary can be found by clicking here.
2 A copy of all International Call Rates can be made available on request, and will be made available online in the near future.
3 For a full definition of what our Telephone Service is, and service responsibilities associated with a Telephone Service please see the following link: Telephone Service Definition

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