We’re outblasting the NBN!

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently published their report on broadband speeds from NBN providers across Australia.

The ACCC ranks its findings by calculating the percentage of the maximum plan download speed achieved by each provider during peak hour use.  So basically, the closer to maximum speed your telco typically provides during its busiest hours – between 7pm and 11pm – the better its percentage score.

And we’re proud to say that compared to the major NBN providers we rank number 1 on performance!

Provider Actual evening peak average on 50Mbps* (based on %) Actual evening peak average on 100Mbps* (based on %)
Clublinks Telecommunications 48.95 Mbps 97.90 Mbps
TPG 44.55 Mbps 89.10 Mbps
Aussie Broadband 43.75 Mbps 87.50 Mbps
iiNet 43.55 Mbps 87.10 Mbps
Telstra 41.55 Mbps 83.10 Mbps
Optus 41.35 Mbps 82.70 Mbps

*Sources – 1. ACCC Speedtest Data from the Measuring Broadband Australia Report Nov 2018. 2. Clublinks internal Speedtest data measured every 20 minutes between 7pm-11pm during December 2018. Individual speeds may vary.

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