Clublinks Telecommunications is happy to tell you that no matter what you might have heard, you may not need to worry about a sudden need to change your internet service, your phone numbers or your alarm service due to the NBN. You have choices.

 With many advertisements on NBN ‘readiness’ and compulsory switching , you may be thinking that the NBN is the only option for reliable high speed internet in certain areas. Needless to say, the NBN advertising is designed this way. The good news is that in Sandhurst, Sandarra, Sanctuary Lakes and Esperance the ‘switch’ is not compulsory for Clublinks Telecommunication connected properties, current customers or anyone wishing to use the Clublinks infrastructure.  Clublinks internet services are delivered using privately operated fibre and will continue to be provided independently.

 We already provide a fast, high speed internet options that actually use a stronger technology platform with “fibre to the premises” and not effected by Telstra or NBN.

 Our limited release “Ignite” plan offers 50Mbps with unlimited data on a short 6 month plan for just $79 per month or the Zoom + Alarm includes a free Alarm connection. These packages will ensure people maintain a quality high speed internet connection without having to navigate the NBN process and system. Clublinks Telecommunications has a range of packages which will cover your internet, phone and even your home alarm. And remember, we also have local people to take care of you on site!

 For any information or connection advice, call 1300 880 809 and select option 3.