Fibre vs NBN

Many people are of the belief that if the NBN is available to their home, it is mandatory to take it up. This is definitely not the case in all situations.

What’s the difference between Clublinks’ fibre and the NBN?

The NBN uses a range of connections, and rely on outdated copper cabling in most areas. Clublinks’ fibre optic network runs directly into your home, giving you a direct connection to the internet and NO copper cables! As it’s our own network, you deal directly with us for the services. No need to deal resellers and 3rd parties sometimes located in overseas call centres.

Remember NBN do not sell to residents directly the way Clublinks do.

What is fibre?

Clublinks direct to the home fibre connection is a high speed broadband service delivered over our very own fibre optic cable network, right into your home. This means we bypass the usual NBN, Telstra and Optus network, and their reliance on the outdated copper infrastructure.

At Clublinks, we installed our very own fibre network across exclusive residential estates such as Sandhurst and Sanctuary Lakes. This means that our customers have been experiencing a dedicated and reliable internet service for many years, well ahead of ADSL and in some cases up to 5 times the average speed available to most Australian homes.

Why choose Clublinks fibre over NBN and other services?

  • It’s our network. Clublinks owns and operates the network and infrastructure. This means we have full control over the service quality and maintenance, without relying on a range of 3rd parties and other companies.
  • Fast connections. As it’s our network, our local team can have you connected within a day in most cases.
  • No evening speed jargon. Your service is connected directly to our network, bypassing millions of people relying on the NBN and the congestion that comes with it.
  • We’re local. Our team of customer support and technicians are all Melbourne based. This means it’s our people helping you get and stay connected, making the whole process easier.
  • Ultra fast speeds! With download speeds up to 100Mbps (ADSL is less than 10Mbps on average), everyone can stream, post, download and surf on multiple devices.
  • Flexibility. No matter your situation, you are free to change your plan to suit your needs.

Go unlimited!