Top tech stuff for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up fast! Luckily, we’ve taken a look around and found some cool gadgets that Dad will love.

Heads up display (HUD) for the car

Sick of continually looking down at the speedo, checking the GPS on your phone? There’s an affordable solution out there, turning your car into some sort of fighter jet! These types of HUDs can be found in super expensive European vehicles (and the Holden VF Commodore of all places!), and show various pieces of information right on your windscreen.

Most aftermarket Auto HUD’s utilise your phone to project anything from maps to messages right onto the windscreen.

Check out and browse through the huge range available.

Moov Now fitness tracker

Unlike most fitness trackers or wearables, the Moov Now doesn’t have a big shiny screen to glance at. Don’t be put off by this, as this new player on the market packs a whole lot of punch –massive battery life, step tracking, sleep monitoring and training coaching. You can even go for a swim with it! It’s also one of the most affordable wearables available at around $79, and it syncs with the Moov app right on your phone. You can grab it at most of the usual retailers.

Find out more about the device and its features on Moov’s website.

For the movie loving Dad

Why not just let Dad sit down with some popcorn and his favourite movie? Even better, try one of the many box sets now available for some all time classics and even more modern franchise films, some of our favourites include James Bond, Star Wars, all 57 Marvel films, The Matrix Trilogy and Indiana Jones. Or perhaps the latest series of Downton Abbey? Mmm, on second thoughts, maybe not.

Turn up the volume!

As modern TV’s have become thinner and picture clarity improved immensely, you’d think sound quality would improve considerably. In reality we haven’t seen much improvement in TV speakers or sound quality for some time.

The easiest and most affordable solution to great sound is a simple soundbar. They are generally easy to install and offer superb sound quality for sports, movies and games, plus most offer extra connectivity to media centres, phone sand tablets so you can also use it as a stereo system.

You can pick up a soundbar at all the usual retailers, or jump online to places such as to find one that fits your budget.

There’s plenty of gadgets on the market these days, and most are pretty affordable. Jump online or drop into your favourite electronics retailer to check out what’s available. And if you get really stuck, you still can’t beat a sleep in and breakfast in bed!

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