As with most things these days, eventually your old tech gadgets will need to be replaced. But you don’t have to dump them in the bin – with a little creativity, you can still use your old devices for a range of things around the home.


New age stereo system

An old smartphone can be reused as your own digital music player, saving precious battery life and storage on your current phone. And if your old phone has wifi, even better! Connect it up and stream music where you want at home. If you prefer to be out and about, get yourself a data heavy pre-paid SIM so you don’t have to worry about eating up all your data.

Universal remote control

If you have an old Android device with an inbuilt infrared blaster (IR), it can make a great universal remote for your home entertainment system, or even your lights – all form the one app. If you phone doesn’t have IR, you can still use it as a remote for wifi connected items such as smart TVs or Google Chromecast.

Family noticeboard

If you have an old tablet or iPad, you can easily use it as a 21st century family planner, messageboard or even a digital cookbook. And best of all, it can sync with the entire family’s calendars to make sure those pesky household chores are completed! And just like the above, you can also use it as a standalone portable music player.

Security camera

Most iPhones or Android phones can also be used as a streaming security camera around the home. And you don’t even need a SIM, just connect to your home wifi network. There’s plenty of apps available, and most allow you to stream the footage to another device or store it in the cloud. There are some that also support sensor tracking, so you can get alerts if someone walks past.


If you do decide it’s time to get rid of that old phone lying around, there are plenty of options to donate or recycle it. is a great list of organisations and drop-off points that will happily accept your old device, and refurbish it for people in need.

If you are looking to recycle your tech, many supermarkets and charity organisations offer a dedicated point for e-waste items. It’s important to ensure you use an official technology recycling service, as the batteries used in today’s tech can cause environmental damage if not disposed of correctly.

And remember, before donating or recycling any device, take the time to erase all of your personal data!

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