Are you chewing up all your data?

There are many everyday tasks that use large amounts of data these days, especially with the number of devices we connect and the introduction of TV streaming services such as Netflix and Stan, and music streaming services such as Spotify.

We’ve put together a quick list of common internet services and programs, and how much data they can each use.


Popular video streaming services – up to 7GB per hour


Social Media – up to 1GB per hour


App & software updates – from 5MB to 1GB per update


Online gaming – from 10MB to 1GB per hour


General browsing, including music streaming – up to 500MB per hour


Cloud storage & backups can use large amounts of data!

Security – Remember to update your wifi password!

The above data amounts can vary depending on your individual settings, other online activity and the amount of devices connected, and there are lots of variables to take into account when reviewing your data use.

And remember, you can now log in and see exactly how much data you’re using in the Customer Portal.

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The above data amounts have been sourced from both official channels and comparison services, and are based on average usage. Actual data usage can vary depending on your device, settings and personal habits. It’s best to use the figures above as a guide only. 1GB = 1000MB

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